Digital Qur'an app for Android with Urdu translations and audio mp3 murottal full, 114 suras or 30 chapters without limitation.

The interface is very user friendly, making it easy to use and useful.

This app is perfect for you who travel a lot, but forgot to bring the holy Qur'an book.

In addition to the text of the Qur'an, this app is also equipped with a transliteration, especially for you who can not read Al-Quran.


Features this Qur'an app

Easy to Read

Qur'anic text are easy to read (with Rasm Indopak & Uthmani)

Surah or Juz Interface

Change the surah to another surah with sliding the screen

Audio Murattal

Learn audio murattal from much options International qari


Bookmark the verses Qur'an without limitation

Copy & Share

Copy & share the verses Qur'an to your sosial media


Search for the meaning of the verse you want

Prayer Time

Prayer time with adzan alarm or notification only

Qibla Direction

For find out where the Qibla direction

Hijri Calendar

For find out the hijri calendar today and the next 30 days

Settings App

For personalize the app usage


Some screenshots in this app

The Main Screen

The Surah List

Reading Qur'an

Search For Meaning


Prayer Time

Qibla Direction


Download this Qur'an app from the Google Play Store!


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